Last soccer games of 2013

Thank you Jesus. We made it through another season.

Here a few highlights and as you can tell by the photos the kids (all three!) are really enjoying soccer… I have 9 months to come up with a good excuse to not sign them up for next season.

Elise fits into Patrick’s soccer cleats from last season so now she insists on wearing them to all soccer games along with a pair of leggings to look like soccer socks. Look at the intensity on her face!

 The temp was in the mid 90s, so we were all pretty miserable in the heat but with a constant intake of water and gatorade we were able to keep our spirits up enough to make it through all four games.


Michael really did well this season. This year it wasn’t just about controlling his body and keeping the rules straight, this year he played aggressive when he needed to and best of all stayed focused and in control of his body. This is a big win for a boy who struggles with SPD, and we are so proud of him

Michael played goalie twice this season. Twelve shots were made at the goal over the two times he was goalie and only one went in. He is really proud of this and we are too. He definitely shines while playing defence.

Patrick played 100% harder than he did last year, but there was a lot of room for improvement. I would say that he made an honest effort about 35% of time. The other 65% of the time was spent picking grass and running just enough to make it look like he was working.

And finally, a well deserved treat after a successful season.


more pics here

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