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This past weekend we moved Beth into her new apartment. It takes 35 minutes to drive from our house to her house. This is the closest we have lived to family since the short period of time that Steve (Tim’s brother) lived in Bismarck, ND for a few months while we lived there. That was 7 and a half years ago.

The moving went fast with the help of the building’s elevator and the community shared grocery cart. Granted I didn’t help move her out of her previous residence so I may be looking at the moving process through rose-colored glasses!

Every time my Dad helps Beth or I move anything anywhere, he pledges it will be the last time he will ever help us move but we all know that if we ever need him to tell us which way to pivot a couch to get it up 3 flights of stairs, he will be there using his Viking framed shoulders to lift, haul or push “all our crap” into our new space.

Beth and I love you Dad.

My mom had the nerve grating task of keeping the kids both occupied and out of the way while the rest of us unloaded the truck. I gladly pushed the cart fill with boxes labelled, “Athletic Training Stuff, Kitchen, Bathroom and Misc” (Yes all that in one box-she is a seriously unorganized packer) one load at a time so I could be relieved of kid corralling detail. Grandma’s are the best.

For so many reasons both selfish and not as selfish, I am so excited to have Beth living in the cities.

I love that there will be family besides Tim and I to witness the heart melting adorableness that is our kiddos in Holiday Programs, Swim lessons and, if I can ever find a dance class that works with our schedule, Dance Recitals.

I love that when Tim and I have to go to one of his work social gatherings that we have someone to watch the kids that won’t run home and tell her mom, one of our neighbors, that I had a little too much liquid courage and could barely sign her name on the check I wrote out as payment. Seriously – you try small talking for 6 hours straight over a dinner that is delicious but served in fairy sized portions by a wait staff that never lets your glass go empty. You would be drunk too!

I love that we can have family dinners with extended family without having to either pack bags and drive for hours or prepare a bed couch for the family to sleep on.

I love that Tim and I can have a random date night without dropping an extra $50-$60 on a babysitter and instead just pay my sister in frozen pizza and hugs and kisses from our kids.

And my possible favorite thing besides having a nearby Reality TV fan to spend an evening (or two) a week shouting at the TV with, is that I can put a family member down as emergency contact on all the school and sports forms. This is such a relief in so many ways. We now have someone who I know will drop anything if there is an emergency and we need them. I have good friends here but only having family close by can give you that sense of unconditional security that comes with knowing night or day, someone has your back.

The list goes on but I will not. I will not because I am making a list of all the places I need to call to change our Emergency Contact Information.

I would never want to live in the same house as my sister again –  we are much better sisters when we are not under the same roof, but I am so excited and filled with joy over the fact that we live within an hour of each other.

Life is good.

You can see pics from the move in process on my Instagram feed. 

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