Weekly RoundUp

I will be the first to admit, Tim and I spend way too much time on the internet.

Inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, Heather Armstrong of Dooce, I thought we could justify all those hours of clicking on links and drowning in the black hole that is the internet by sharing a few of our favorite links of the week. See now there is a purpose to all the time wasted. It will be weekly round-up of sorts. We will share our favorite news articles, memes, cartoons and whatever else catches our attention and sticks with us.

Also I hoping that this will be an easy way to get Tim to write a bit on the blog.

So her it goes.

His Links

My Daughter’s High School Programing Teacher

An efficient algorithm for sorting socks.

Her Links

Louis C.K. hates cell phones

She’s having a…. My two best friends. One taking the photos and one posing in the photos. For the record, I was there collecting books for the photos, holding purses and giving the B&N staff big smiles so they wouldn’t shut down the photo shoot. This is the type of fun we like to have on girl’s weekends. Shopping, photos, eating and drinking (for the non pregnant ladies in the group)

I am all of these.

This is the real reason girls want to date guitar players. 

Never thought a beer commercial would make me cry.

I was so excited when I found Pixel Papercraft. Any time I can find a craft I know the boys will be excited about I jump on it. This is Minecraft and crafts. Doesn’t get any better!

Inspiration for around our TV that doesn’t require dropping a ton of cash on large-scale art.

Into the Woods?!

And finally, I am still laughing about this meme. Tim and I talk about this with Curious George all the time. I think we might ban Curious George cartoons and books because we think he is sending the wrong message. I am only kind of joking here.


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