To Patrick on your 6th Birthday

You dear sweet boy… you spent the entire year of being a 5 year old testing every limit, pushing every button and crossing every line. You also spent the year learning every word to a hit pop song, setting complex booby traps (which we are still trying to convince are called “booby traps” and not just “boobies”) with your Legos and in Minecraft, and you have spent hours in swim lessons working hard at mastering skills that will make you a strong swimmer very soon. You have grown 3 inches and are now riding roller coasters and are just 1/2 an inch shorter than your big brother.

Patrick you are a joy to be around when you are happy, but you may just be the most stubborn person on the planet. Being your mom is like being a storm chaser. It is exciting, thrilling and fun until it goes bad. And kid… you can leave a path of destruction a mile wide. You can also “clean up” said destruction with a sweet smile and a snuggle. You are the best snuggler in the family and no one loves receiving bear hugs more than you do.

I have said this before, and I am sure I will say it many times more, you have an incredible imagination and are so creative. You can find a stick on a ground and not only turn it into a sword but create a magical world where I become Tic Toc Croc, Michael becomes Peter Pan, Elise is Wendy and surprise – your sword isn’t a sword, it is a hook and the minute your sword morphs into a hook you transform. You stand up taller, you square your shoulders and you put a scowl on your face. You become Captain Hook. There isn’t a whole lot I can do with my BA in Theatre but I can tell you this; without an ounce of doubt and with the authority that only a Theatre junkie can, playing the bad guy is ALWAYS more fun than playing the good guy. You know that, and that is why you always volunteer to be the worst of the villains and you love every moment playing them. No one plays Darth Vader like Patrick plays Darth Vader.

You are a Kindergartener now and on the first day of school when I asked you what you wanted to be you said, “I want to be a ROCK STAR!” You have made it very clear that you have strong opinions about music and you will not waste your time with baby songs and nursery rhymes any more. You only want to listen to rock n’ roll and nothing makes you happier than putting on your headphones and walking around the house singing loudly to your favorite songs. I love you for that. You have music in your bones. The way you walk is even musical. You have a swagger in your step that can only be compared to the old Hollywood heart-throbs. You are a cool cat. I called you that once, Cool Cat Patrick and you didn’t like it. You said cats are not cool, Rock Stars are cool.

I have a sinking suspicion that you, as a teen, will be a force to be reckoned with.

For your birthday you chose Noodles & Company mac ‘n cheese, and you blew out a candle on your own Creeper Cake. You opened loads of gifts from Uncles, Aunts, Grandmas and Grandpas and you loved every one of those gifts. Your face could light up the darkest night when you are happy. You are the most fun person to buy a gift for. You were equally excited about your new shirts as you were the bike your Dad and I gave you. I love that about you.

Patrick I love you and I am so proud of how much you have matured in just the past month. Being a Kindergartener suits you. You have fallen into the routine of doing your work and waiting your turn. It wasn’t an easy adjustment into full day schooling but you have made it.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing you play with your brother and sister. You are so patient with your little sister, who wants nothing more than to be next to you and mimic your every move. You are equally as patient with your big brother who likes to set rules and enforce them. You consistently show grace and empathy towards your siblings by being flexible and allowing them to steal your lime light. I admire you for that and I promise to you that I recognize that you make a lot of sacrifices by playing by their rules. They are lucky to have you as a brother.

I can’t wait to see you grow this year. I am not excited about buying a new pair of jeans for you every other month because your legs seem to stretch an inch longer every night, but I am excited to see you mature into a boy who is kind, creative and strong. I feel like everyday you are becoming more and more Patrick and watching that is pure joy.


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  1. Nama

    Happy Birthday Patrick! We Love You! Can’t believe you are in school – you have become such a “cool” young man.

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