What’s in a name?

I have loved the name Astrid ever since I was first introduced to the character in a Lauraine Snelling book about Norwegian homesteaders. Here are the books that feature Astrid. My family has been reading her books for years, and feels a strong kinship to the characters because of the similar stories that our family went through when homesteading. In fact, Elise was named after my Great-Great Grandma Elisa who homesteaded from Norway.

Astrid is also the main character in White Oleander which is a story about a young girl who was abandoned by her mother and put into the foster care system. I didn’t remember this until I Googled the name Astrid after Steve commented and asked why we named our kitten that, but it seems fitting for our kitten who was found in a dumpster and then taken to an animal shelter.

According to Michael, “Astrid is an awesome name because it sounds like Asteroid and if our kitten was a boy we could call him Asteroid but since it is a girl, Astrid is good.”

Patrick loves the names Astrid because it is the female character in How to Train Your Dragon which is a cartoon about Vikings training dragons.

Elise likes the names Astrid because it means “we get a kitty katty for our family.” Also, there is nothing cuter than asking Elise, “What is your kitty’s name” and then have her reply with her slight lisp, “Asthtrid!”

Really in the end, Astrid is just a name that we all liked. There isn’t a whole lot of meaning to it beyond that!

sidenote: Need photo proof I am still trying to wrap my brain around this whole DSLR thing? Check out this awesome photo of our lamp. Uffda.


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  1. Steve

    I forgot Astrid was the name of the girl in How to Train your Dragon. Thanks PJ and thank you Megan for the story behind the name.

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