Elise as Eloise

Today was Elise’s Preschool Halloween Parade. To say she was stoked to put on her costume is an understatement!

Eloise with her puppy side-kid Weenie!



I had to think about it but today marked the third Y Preschool Halloween Parade I have watched. It should have been the 4th Y Preschool Halloween Parade.

Follow the links to the post written about each year.

Michael 2010

Patrick’s 2011– I scoured our website and was confused why I didn’t have a photo of Patrick in his Ghost costume from when he was in the 4 year old class and then I looked on my Facebook timeline.


Thank goodness for social media otherwise I wouldn’t have any idea of what my children’s childhood was like.

Patrick’s 2012

Elise’s 2013



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