Lucy & Astrid

The cat (Astrid) and dog (Lucy) are still far from friends. The cat hisses and growls and the dog growls or turns submissive and refuses to acknowledge the cat’s presence.

This weekend after a long play session with the kids that tested Astrid’s patience and taught the kids the importance of leaving a cat alone when it doesn’t want to be played with, I brought Astrid up to the master bedroom for a break from the chaos of the kids on the main floor. She hadn’t ever been in our bed and boy did she like it.

She fell asleep and crashed hard.

Astrid crashed so hard that when we let Lucy back inside from a morning of romping in the leaves she didn’t even notice, or was too tired to care, that Lucy jumped on the bed (which she claims as her own from the hours of 7am-10pm). Lucy and her lack of predatory skills didn’t notice that the cat was sleeping at the head of the bed.

Can you find Astrid? Lucy sure couldn’t.



Yeah there she is; less than three feet from Lucy.

Tim was the one to discover the two napping together and called me upstairs in a stage whisper. Stage whispers are only used in our house when us parents want to share an unexpected scene unfolding. Stage whispers don’t happen often, but when they do, we are calling attention to our three monsters playing sweetly together without supervision or when one is helping the other out without us prompting. These are the moments we quietly high-five and celebrate that we are not total failures as parents. On this morning we were high-fiving over the fact that we don’t suck at being pet owner’s either.

Of course my presence and my camera’s shutter woke up Lucy and the scene didn’t last too much longer. The cat woke up and stood (actually she didn’t even stand she was so tired) her ground and let Lucy know, with a growl and laid back ears, that 3 feet was as close as she was going to get. Lucy wanted to get closer and with a wag of the tail and happy ears she crept forward. The cat hissed. The dog backed off and jumped off the bed with her tail between her legs.

Astrid, Lucy just wants to play. Poor Lucy. Lucy just wants a friend.

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