Missing Family and Friends

Nothing highlights the distance between us and our family and dear friends like the Holiday season.

Don’t get me wrong, just thinking about the stress of having my house clean enough for visitors to just randomly pop over at any time is enough to give me an anxiety attack. I come from a long line of women with very well kept homes. Their homes were not just clean but there were always baked goods in the freezer ready to “nuke in the microwave” if someone dropped in for a visit.  I don’t know how they were able to do it all. I am beginning to think that my commitment to keep up on 3 different Reality TV shows may be the reason behind my house keeping problems.

All that said, the idea of being able to share a story (or gossip!) over a cup of coffee instead of over the phone or via email cancels out enough of the anxiety of keeping a clean house for me to romanticise about living closer to family and friends. I think I would even sacrifice a Reality TV show or two if it meant catching up with family and friends in person!

Living closer to family is not a possibility right now but maybe some day it will be. For now I will keep checking emails, texts and IMs and do my best to keep my phone charged for long phone conversations about nothing.

Virtual hugs to all of you. Love you and miss you.

4 thoughts on “Missing Family and Friends

  1. Jess

    You said it, sister! I was up last night in the middle of the night thinking about this very thing. Sigh.

  2. Christine Fieber

    I think I would be a better mother if you two were closer to me. Even one night a week of girl time would be enough to decompress. We need to have virtual drinks over Google + or something.

  3. Meg

    My family should live in Fargo because then we would be the halfway point between my two bffs 🙂 AND it would only be a 4 hour drive to Minot.

  4. Nama

    Can’t wait for you all to come home. I’m all for you living closer! You could join us for lefsa, krumkaka, rosettes, flatbread and sunbakkel baking. For now I’ll just settle with baking and making gifts for the holidays and waiting for everyone to come!

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