Fulfilling a promise.

For her birthday Elise got pink leotards from Tim and I with a promise that we would sign her up for Dance Classes. She was ecstatic.

I tried getting her into three different dance studios and even paid a registration fee and signed up for one, but none of them ever panned out. One didn’t work with our schedules ( dance at 7:30pm for 3 year olds?!), another was canceled for lack of interest and the last one that we signed up for AND showed up for with Elise in full dance gear turned out to be the wrong day (they hadn’t updated their website so when I registered it was for a previous session.)

Elise was so broken-hearted when I led her out of the studio that day. I tried to explain to her the importance of keeping your online information up to date when you are a business and it wasn’t mommy’s fault, and please don’t be sad. She wasn’t impressed. Then I pulled out the big guns and said, how about we turn on music at home really loudly and have our own dance party? She forgave me with the mention of a dance party.

It took 4 months of trying to get her into a dance class but finally we were able to do it. She is in a dance class and she loves it.


All the photos were taken with my camera phone. She is so cute at dance class that I think I need to bring the big camera.

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