Water Park in Winter: Great Wolf Lodge Getaway

Two months ago I scored a great deal on the KidsCabin Suite at Great Wolf Lodge in the Dells. When I saw the price on the room I quick emailed Tim. The email exchange went a little something like this:

Me to Tim 10:00am:

Check out this great room rate a an indoor water park resort in the Dells. We should talk about it tonight!

Tim to me 10:10am:

Looks great. Lets do it.

Me to Tim 10:11am:

I already booked it. I am glad you said yes 😉

Sometimes when you see a good deal you got to go with your gut. It ended up that in the two month span of me booking the room and the date we were scheduled to drive to the Dells, Tim had to go out  of town three different times totalling 18 days. Needless to say,  we were ready for some fun as a family.

We drove the 3.5 hours to the resort and we spent the next 26 hours playing, swimming, eating, swimming, playing, a little bit of sleeping and then swimming some more. We were able to check into our room at 1pm, and soon after we were swimming. We were allowed to swim until the park closed on the day we checked out. We paid a little extra for a late check out which gave us the room until 2pm. We swam 5 hours the first day and 4 the next. By the time it was check out time we were all exhausted and everyone was ready to pack up and head home.

The kids were at the perfect age for the park and all their swim lessons had paid off. Unlike the Noah’s Ark water park, the boys didn’t have to wear life jackets in the wave pool and they did great. They tested their limits a few times, but recovered on their own and went right back to swimming. I am so proud of them. Elise did wear a life jacket but didn’t want to be held. She floated on top of the waves like a pink star fish relaxing and enjoying the ride.

I can’t tell you how happy it makes me that they all love being in the water.

The water park was laid out so there were a few of the bigger water slides, a little kid area and an activity set up (water works tree fort, swimming pool with a floating log, or wave pool) in each of the three big rooms. It was great because when we cycled from room to room, everyone had something fun to do.


The food at the restaurant was great and the “Kids Experience” staff person, that made the kids balloon swords and hats, made the kids’ night (and also passed the time while waiting for our food to arrive).

*I swear. I did not tell her to do this.

The water park was great, but I think the best part was that we all stayed in the same room. Because we scored a great deal on the Kids Cabin Suite, the kids had their own little fort to sleep in. It was perfect for our family because the “cabin” was outfitted with a bunk bed and a single twin bed. They also had a TV in their cabin which they thought was the coolest thing ever!

There was a fridge, sink, fireplace, table, pull out couch (we could have totally brought Beth with!) and fireplace in the room. Because of the fridge, we were able to bring a cooler of food so we had snacks and drinks on hand, and also I was able to refill their lunch boxes with food to snack on for the ride home.

We only stayed one night but it was a perfect night. It was the perfect little mini vacation after a long two months.

Thanks again to Beth for dog and cat sitting!

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