Homemade Christmas

I like to add a little stress to the chaos that is our lives by making a few handmade Christmas gifts every year. Nothing like a deadline to keep this project starter motivated.

Astrid is doing her best to slow down any progress I could be making by setting up camp on my sewing table. She especially likes the fleece I have been working with.

Why is it, that whenever one of my pets is sleeping I feel the need to work around them and do my best not to disturb their nap? They nap at least 50% of the day and sleep (and in Lucy’s case – snore) through the whole night. Even so, I couldn’t bring myself to wake Astrid up, so I could actually make progress. Instead, I took photos.

Because if she isn’t napping she is pouncing on me, trying to eat pins and chewing on patterns. Neither is helpful, both are equally annoying and endearing.

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