Hand and Foot

Hand and Foot is the favored card game whenever my family gets together so naturally when beth and I counted the hours and realized we had seven hours to kill at the airport, we bought 3 overpriced decks of cards, found a quiet patch of carpet behind a pillar and started shuffling.

Everyday I am shuffling shuffling… Is that song stuck in your head now? Good, it is stuck in my head too. Misery loves company.

Don’t know how to play hand and foot? I started writting out our family’s version of Hand and Foot but as it ends up writing out instructions is really hard. Really really hard. I didnt get past the dealing of the cards before i googled the rules of hand and foot. Here is the link I found. Our version is slightly different but the essence of the game is there. If you have a different version p!ease leave your instructions in the comments. Sometimes when we are feeling adventurous we like to mix it up a bit and tweek the rules. We are crazy like that.

We killed a good hour playing. It was as much fun and killing time in an airport can get with out the assistance of a well mixed bloody Mary.


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