I missed them.

As much as I needed a break from them, man did I miss them!

Nothing beats conversations with your favourite kiddos.

While cuddling with Elise.

Me: Elise you sounds stuffy.

Elise: I am not stuffy. My stuffed animals are stuffy. I am a kid!

While opening the presents I brought them, which included dice, chocolate poker chips and a dice sucker:

Michael: So Mom…. Does Las Vegas have a lot of dice?

And finally Mr. Patrick while playing with a tape measure near Elise.

He pulls the tape measure out to his full wing span.

Patrick: Elise, I love you this much.

Me: What number does it say?

Patrick: It isn’t a number, it is to the end of the galaxy.

He lets the tape measure woosh back in completely and turns to Michael and smirks.

Michael: That isn’t nice Patrick.

Patrick’s grin grows wider.

Patrick: I hate you this much Michael.

Michael thinks for a moment.

Michael: I hate you that much too Patrick.

They giggle and I repress my urge to admonish them for using the word ‘hate.”

I missed them. It was good to get away but it is better to be back.

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