Vegas Part One

I will do my best not to turn our family website into a promo for Las Vegas but it will be hard. You see… I just had so much fun!

The rodeo was amazing. The casinos were unlike anything I expected, Jersey Boys was a blast and spending time watching Mom and Grandma win on slots while Beth, Dad and I lost every penny we put into a slot machine was priceless. Well I guess it did have a price but I prefer to think of it as overpriced entertainment to pay 35 cents to push a button and then spend the next 3 seconds wildly cheering for buffalo to spin onto the screen.

I am going to do my best to compress 4 days of Vegas and Rodeo into a handful of posts. It is Christmas season after all and there is much going on in real-time getting ready for the holidays that I want to share on this site too. But first Vegas, then tree trimming and Christmas programs and presents.

Let me just say this about Vegas, it was not what I expected at all. I really thought it would be cheesy, faux marble wallpaper, half-naked women and chintsy shops. Vegas surprised me. Even the half-naked women seem to be able to pull off their nude-ness with class. We didn’t venture off the strip except for a short trip to Freemont so maybe that is why I didn’t see the faux marble wallpaper and all the other things I don’t feel like I need to mention on this family blog.

This is Freemont at night.

I am proud to say that in the above and below photos I didn’t adjust a thing in post editing. That is far from the case in most of the rest of the photos but these two, I am feeling pretty proud.

The whole city of Vegas was in NFR mode. There were cowboy hats (and butts), turquoise jewellery and rhinestone bejewelled jeans everywhere you looked.

There was a live band playing on Freemont street. My parents were the first to take advantage of the music and seized the moment to share a dance together. Over thirty years of marriage and they still love to dance together.

The following day we walked for miles and miles through casino after casino, and just as I thought I saw all there was to see, I realized I had just seen the tip of the sparkly, neon lighted iceberg.

On the strip:

Above Day. Below Night.

Can you tell they are father and daughter.

Again. Above Day. Below Night.

One last time. Day and Night.

And my favorite out on the Vegas Strip photo.

What can I say. I am a Daddy’s girl. Inside the casinos tomorrow or take a look at all the photos now.



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