Vegas Part Two

The main attraction and the reason for the trip: National Finals Rodeo.

Opening night fans were greeted by Elvis and showgirls.

The National Anthem was sung by Clay Walker.

 Cowboys and Cowgirls grouped in their home states proudly carried their state’s flag.

And then then action started.

This was not Beth and my first rodeo but it was our first National Finals Rodeo. We grew up going to the Minot Y’s Men rodeo because my Dad is a Y’s men. We sold programs and helped out whereever we could help and not be in the way. We loved rodeo weekend. It isn’t a huge rodeo but it is a good rodeo, one that many top cowboys attend because it is a national qualifying rodeo (Dad correct me if I am wrong about that).

This rodeo is the best of the best. The best livestock, the best athletes. It was a blast.

My folks have been going to the NFR for years and this was the first year that they invited my sister and I along.

We went to the rodeo the first and the third night. On the third night of the rodeo 12 year old, Rylee Werth sang the national anthem and let me tell you this, Clay Walker had nothing on this girl. She did a great job. She baubbeled a few notes but you could feel the crowd rooting for her. She and her family should be so proud of her. She was great!

Grandma Moo was with us too. She was dubbed Grandma Moo when I was young because my grandparents lived on a farm and had cows. We still call her that today. I will never forget going to the NFR with my Grandma Moo. I bet Beth treasures the memory just as much as I do.

I don’t know what happened between night one and night three but it was like every Cowboy, Cowgirl, bronc and bull upped their game. They put on a hell of a rodeo and the crowd cheered from the first bronc to the last bull ride. It was a great night.

Not every cowboy made it the full 8 seconds but every cowboy gave us a show.




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