Vegas Part Three

Inside the casinos surprised more than anything about Vegas.

They were beautiful. I wasn’t expecting that. As I posted before, I thought there was going to be a certain level of tackiness and boy was I wrong.

The ceiling was painted in the Venetian.


The floral arrangements (this one is from the Venetian) in every hotel/casino were amazing.


I love this photo of my Granny snapping a phone pic of the flowers. She wanted to ask her florist neighbor about the poinsettias. Next thing you know she will be on Instagram!


The painted ceilings and mythological statues in Ceasar’s Palace were just like the ones I saw when I was in Rome.


The Bellagio’s Christmas display was incredible and featured, a chocolate house, 10,000 carnations creating a floral mama polar bear, A christmas tree you could barely see the top of and a snow globe you could walk through.


A kind man snapped this photo of us.

This is from an incredible art exhibit entitled, Art of Richard MacDonald in the Bellagio.


for more photos from our trip, go here. 

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