Daddy Story Time

One of my favorite things that Tim does with our children is story time every night before bed.

It is a favorite, because by the time that Tim comes home I am done. I have reached my limit of mommyhood for the day and I need a break. Tim comes home every day excited to see the kids and the kids are pumped to see him. I don’t know how he is able to leave work at work (even when he is on call 24/7) but he does and it is the best gift he can give to our kids. No matter how rough a day he had at work he walks through the door with a smile on his face. I love him for that.

Story time is an extension of that. The kids take turns choosing books. They don’t always like what the other has chosen, but they love Daddy reading to them so much that in the end it doesn’t matter if it is a Princess book with simple story line, a Lego Super Hero book that is more comic book than story, or a reference book from the school library about weather.

Over Christmas Tim and I took turns reading at story time. The photos below were taken on one of his nights of reading at the Shannon house. The kids had behaved surprisingly well, so I didn’t flee from them the minute it was bed time, this time I stuck around with the goal of capturing this special time between Tim and the kids. The lighting was rough so I didn’t get the perfect photo I hoped for but I am still happy I intruded on story time and got the photos I did.


I hope the kids cherish the memory of Tim reading to them for many many years.



a couple more photos here

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