Christmas at the Shannons 2013

Tim snapped this photo of me rolling out cookie dough for the kids at the Shannons. My two favorite things about the Shannons are that our kids have cousins close to their age to play with.

And secondly, but really, is probably my absolute favorite…. there are 7 of us “grown up kids” that all love to play board games. When the kids go to sleep I get to play with my siblings-in-law.

I was able to use my Christmas gifts from Tim (I posted about it here) to attempt to get a photo of all the Shannons together. The tripod was awesome and the remote worked great but the lighting was tough so I am going on the record now – TIM I want a flash for my camera. Please someone remind him of this come December 🙂

Here is a photo of the whole clan. It was the only one that had everyone looking in the same direction and every head was visible.

Here is the original Shannon bunch before Carmen and I came into the mix and shook things up a bit and added a dash of chaos. (Notice how my built-in flash lights everything up but also washes people out and make glares on glasses)

And here are a few of my favorite candids.

Oh, and not for nothing, the next picture is of Steve and today is his Birthday.

Waiting for your turn to open your presents in a family of 14 is really really hard.

My favorite.

This one is a close runner-up. Some day these two will gang up on the three big boys and take over the family.

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