365 Day 4

Challenge: “Unmade bed”

Patrick, “What are you doing Mom?”
Me, “Taking a photo of the messiest bed in the house.”
Patrick, “Mine?! Wait. I will pretend to sleep!”

There were 3 beds to choose from when it came time to take a photo of an “unmade bed” Tim and my bed gets made probably half the time and the boys’ beds rarely ever get made. In fact next time their beds are made I will take a photo, post it and link back to this post so we can see how rarely their beds are made. If I had to guess, the next time their beds get made will be sheet washing day.

What about Elise’s bed you may ask? Well her bed is almost always made because she doesn’t like to sleep under comforters. She just snuggles under her favorite blanket of the moment and sleeps. It makes me cold thinking about it but let sleeping babies sleep. We kind of live and die by that motto in our house.


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