365 Day 12

Challenge: Nail Polish

I am pretty sure the last time I did my nails was… I think it was summer time. Today I scrubbed paint off my nails but it was Zinsser Bulls Eye Zero primer and Behr two in one paint and primer in semi gloss. Two of my favorite paints, neither nail polish.

It is a bit of a stretch but brads are nails and primer and paint is paint and I was “polishing” yeah… it was the best I could do today. In other news, I have one coat of paint left, a couple days to let the paint cure and then we put up the hardware in the entryway. My “goal” last week was a little lofty to say the least but we made a huge dent this weekend and we are almost there. Progress people. Progress is the name of the game when you are a weekend warrior/DIYer/parent of 3 kids 7 and under.

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