Lessons Learned

A three-way snowball fight sounds like a good idea to them but every parent reading this knows it will end badly.

I choose to let them learn that lesson on their own.


The first one came inside victorious and ran through the house at lightning speed to get away from the other two. The victorious one, of course, tracked snow all the way through the main floor and spent the next half hour cleaning up sludgy snow off the hardwood floors (ironically he only ran across the section of the hardwood floor that didn’t get ruined by the flood).

The second kid threw a fit and exclaimed that the other two were breaking some unspoken rules that he thought were implied and that everyone should have followed. In an act of spite he locked the third kid out of the house (presumably to teach them a lesson?) and then went and tackled and hurt the first kid.

The third kid, who threw some pretty mean and vicious snow balls at the other’s faces (a serious infraction on a well know house rule – Don’t throw things at people’s faces!)  was locked out of the house and screaming in fear.

I could have told them to not have a snow fight but what is the fun in that?

In the end, all three had to apologize to me for breaking rules and to each other for hurting feelings, hurting faces and scaring the shit out of one another.

I am sure they will do this all again tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Lessons Learned

  1. Beth

    Hahaha. This is awesome!! Did you leave the names out on purpose?! Maybe it will stir a healthy sibling fight when they read this when they get older! 😉

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