2014 Kitchen Flood

Saying our kitchen “flooded” seems a bit dramatic but for lack of a better word, I am going with it.

For those who don’t know:

On New Year’s Eve Tim and I went to bed at midnight feeling quite smug that we are still young enough to make it until midnight without falling asleep. I went into the kitchen to give Lucy her thyroid pill which she choked down like she always does with equal part resignation and resentment. I fed the cat her wet and dry food and Astrid purred her thanks, then Tim and I headed up to bed and crashed hard because it was way passed our bedtime and we were tired.

The next morning at about 8:30 (New Year’s Miracle – The kids let us sleep in!) the kids came into our room and Patrick said, “I was playing in the basement and water is dripping on my head.”

We both shot out of bed. Tim was on the main floor before I had my slippers on. I could hear him say, “There is water everywhere!” so I grabbed all the towels out of the linen closet and headed down stairs.

Remember, we went to bed at midnight and were walking around the kitchen before we went to bed and the floor was dry.

When I walked down the stairs there was standing water in the kitchen area, part way into the dining room  and into the eat in kitchen area.

I threw down 8 towels and they immediately were soaked through.

Tim was hunting down the source of the water while I tried to mop up the wet with towels. When Tim opened the freezer door water flooded out.

What happened was that the ice maker stopped working but the water source into the ice maker kept running. The water ran all night filling up the ice bucket in the freezer and then overflowed into the water/ice spout on the front of the fridge. It flowed all night long.

Tim went down stairs to see what Patrick was talking about when he mentioned water dripping on his head and that is when Tim earned the parenting award for the day. I could see him screaming unsavoury words in his head but not a single curse word made it out of his mouth.

The carpet in the basement was sloshing wet. It splashed and sloshed when you walked on it. The ceiling was dripping and the drywall was bowing.

I went up and called my parents to see who I should call first, insurance or a cleaning company. They said insurance so that is what I did. I am thirty years old and still, when a crisis hits, my parents are my first call.

I took a bunch of photos and then called insurance and talked to them for a good long time. While I did that, Tim turned off the water source and started moving stuff out of the water.

Insurance had Service Master at our house by 11:30. Service Master was great and the man they sent worked until around 6. In that time he tore out drywall, pulled out carpet and set up his equipment.

And that is really where this story begins. You can see the pics from that day here

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