The time Lucy ate 9 chocolate cupcakes

It is common knowledge that chocolate is poisonous to dogs. I didn’t know the extent of the poison powers of chocolate until last night after Tim came down to ask where I put the cupcakes.

Here is what happened. Tim and I have been sick, quite sick, with some cold bug that hit us hard this week. We have been tag teaming the kids taking turns either resting or dealing with the kids. It is an unspoken rule that the one who is caring for the kids does so until they crash onto the ground in exhaustion. It is then that the “resting” parent gets up and takes over. This tag teaming has kept us afloat but we are far from being our best.

I was feeling guilty about my lack of zest when playing doll house with Elise yesterday so I asked her if she wanted to make cupcakes. She jumped at the chance so I pulled out my emergency box of Devils Food cake mix that we always have on hand in case of emergencies; like parent guilt or extreme boredom in the kids.

The cake mix worked. We mixed them up and poured them into the cupcake tin and waited for the boys to come home from school so we could decorate them. The effort that went into mixing up the cake mix exhausted me to the point where both Elise and I were laying on the floor again when Tim and the boys got home.

After the cupcakes cooled and the boys’ had finished their homework they decorated their cupcakes. They each got 2 cupcakes to decorate and they worked hard using all the sprinkles, mini chocolate chips, frosting and icing that they could fit onto the top of their cupcakes.

The remaining cupcakes I quickly frosted and sprinkled with mini chocolate chips. Tim and both looked at each other after eyeing the cupcakes and with out a word being said we both knew that we were eating a cupcake that night after the kids went to bed.

The kids ate one of their two decorated cupcakes after super with the promise that they could eat the other after school the next day.

The kids went to bed. Tim and I watched a TV show together and when it was finished Tim went upstairs to get a well-earned cupcake for each of us.

Tim walked back down stairs (remember this task takes all the energy out of us because we are fighting the plague) with no cupcakes. He asked where I put the cupcakes. I said I didn’t do anything with them. We both walked back upstairs try to find the cupcakes because at this point we were so invested in having a cupcake that climbing stairs seemed like a small price to pay.

The plates that had been holding the cupcakes were still exactly where they had been left on the kitchen counter but the plates were empty. Tim thought the boys did it, I didn’t think that they would be able to eat 9 cupcakes. Tim went upstairs and interrogated the boys who were still awake. I looked at Lucy and she looked extra sheepish. Tim came back down and declared, “The boys didn’t eat the cupcakes”

Through the same cloudy haze that packed the boys swim bag the day the day before without swim trucks, I looked around completely confused. The plates hadn’t moved, the kids didn’t eat the cupcakes and the cat wouldn’t be able to eat all the cupcakes at once. Tim said, “There is no way the dog could eat all the cupcakes without moving the plates” but through the process of elimination, it had to be Lucy.

Lucy has been on a really strict diet lately. We have decreased her amount of kibble and the only table scraps she gets are what Elise gives her when she thinks we are not looking and the occasional piece of “too fatty” meat. Lucy is not happy about this diet at all. I guess she just couldn’t take it any more. My dog binge ate 9 cupcakes because she was angry about her diet. If you need any more proof that my dog is more human than dog – or that dogs take on their owner’s personalities, look no further.

Tim was mad that the dog ate his cupcakes. I was worried that my dog would die from chocolate poisoning but I was also mad that I may have to bundle up and drive her the 25 minutes to the emergency vet clinic two towns over. I called the ER vet and told them what happened. She asked me Lucy’s weight and to read the ingredient list on the box of cake mix. This is how much I love my dog. I went out into the garage, dug through the recycling bin and found the box of cake mix and read the ingredients. The Vet Tech thought Lucy would be okay but if we wanted we could bring her in to induce vomiting and/or pump her stomach just to be safe. Our other option was to stay up with her and watch for any signs of poison.

I watched her diligently for about 20 minutes and then turned on some crappy tv to distract me from the worry. A while later I looked down to check on Lucy and in my vigilant care she had got up and left the room. Don’t hate on me. Remember I am sick and I dug through the garbage for this dog. I do love her.

I went up to find her to make sure she wasn’t seizing or vomiting in private and found her laying on her orthopaedic bed in our bedroom. She was just fine. More than fine, she was content and snoring.

So yeah. My dog ate 9 chocolate cupcakes and didn’t die.

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  1. Beth

    Haha. This makes me love her even more! The best part is that I can imagine her and her thoughts and faces thru the entire process! LOL! (literally at basketball practice) 😉

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