Golden Tickets

For the past couple weeks Tim has been reading a chapter or two of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to the kids every night. The boys loved it and Elise picked up more than Tim thought she did. Last night they finished the book, so today Tim and I declared it Golden Ticket day in our house.

We started by printing out coloring pages from here.


I made up a few printables in GIMP and printed them off. Tim helped me tape them in place.


I made up mini turkey burgers and moz sticks to go with the Wonka Food which consisted of Fizzy Lifting Drinks (sparkling juice), nuts (pistacios and peanuts still in the shell), blueberries, laffy taffy (the only thing I could find at Target that said “Wonka”) and of course, chocolate bars.


The kids ate it up, literally. They ate all the food and were so excited to tell me about how to test for good nuts and bad nuts and that Violet turns into a blueberry.  Michael even drank the Fizzy Lifting Drink which is such a big deal that I could write a whole post about it, but for now, know that Michael is my hero.
I had forgotten how long the intro to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was but it worked out great because by the time they were done eating supper Charlie was just about to buy the Chocolate bar with the golden ticket. Tim and I cleaned up and brought back down the Wonka Bars. To say that the kids liked their chocolate bars is an understatement!

Before opening.


After opening.

Watching them watch the movie was the second best part about the night.


Just as Willy Wonka did something extra strange, I caught this expression and it may be my favorite Patrick photo ever.

And here is Elise as Violet starts to turn into a blueberry. Also priceless.

You can find many more photos here, but before you click away from this post let me share with you my favorite part of today’s Golden Ticket day.

After opening their Golden Ticket chocolate bars all three kids held onto their golden ticket for the rest of the movie. Michael went to sleep with his. Patrick already has his packed into his backpack to show his friends at school. And Elise put hers in a special place so she knows where to find it in the morning.

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  1. Nama

    what a great idea! You guys are quite the fun parents! I love the pictures – Michael and that hat, Patrick’s quizical expression, and Elise’s shock!

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