365 Day 19

Challenge: “abandoned”

One of the things that I love about my Dad is that he is the king of Dad Jokes and he when he delivers a joke that he thinks is funny, he gets the best smirk on his face and his eyes sparkle.

You know how girl’s traditionally are a attracted to a boy that reminds them of their Dad? My man tells very dry Dad Jokes and I love that he has this is common with my Dad.

When I told Tim that the challenge for today’s 365 was “Abandoned” he didn’t pause, his eyes sparkled, and he said, “Why don’t you take a photo of one of your projects” He finished this joke with a smile and the classic “ba dum chhh” drum roll on his desk.

So here it is. A photo of one of my many abandoned projects. I started this pillow case dress for Elise last spring. It has been hanging up on my office peg board waiting for a border hem for at least 10 months. It has become part of the office decor.

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