365 Day 22

challenge: “something that starts with L”

It seems disloyal to post anything but a photo of my furry baby. She was sound asleep but lifted her head ever so slightly when I asked her to look at the camera. You can tell she isn’t impressed that I am interrupting her dream.

In related news, the school just called and school is cancelled again because of cold weather. I predict I will be sporting the same look of weariness tomorrow evening when Tim walks through the door.

I had to cancel plans with my friend Brittany and her daughter for coffee and donuts tomorrow morning because of school being cancelled. Brittany and I were going to chat over coffee and Elise (no school on Thursdays) was going to eat donuts and play with her friend. I am bummed we have to cancel but donuts and coffee with the boys present doesn’t sound like a relaxing way to spend the morning. Brittany said she understood. I went on to say, “I think I will just put a loaf of bread on the table and lock myself in the office and let things play out Hunger Games style.” She thought I was joking.

I think I will extend an invitation to Lucy to keep me company in the office. She won’t be happy about school cancellation either.

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