365 Day 26

Challenge: “2pm”

2 pm we were cleaning. At 2pm today the boys were scrubbing the kids’ bathroom clean for the first time while Tim and I were on top of the boys’ l-shaped loft beds changing sheets. Yeah. Read that again. The boys scrubbed the kids’ bathroom. Life is good. It took two hours of cleaning but the boys’ room, Elise’s room and their bathroom are clean. I only stepped on two Legos and I didn’t curse so that, on top of the kids’ clean rooms and bathroom are a total parenting win for me today.

I took a few photos of the boys room when it was all picked up. People have requested to see more photos and info on the L-Shaped Loft beds we DIYed a while back. I will post more photos and more info tonight.

Photography note. The past 10 photos I have posted for the 365 have been shot in manual. They have not been the best but I am starting to wrap my head around ISO and that is an exciting thing for me. I am improving and I have my friend Christine to thank for pushing me to do this 365 photo challenge. So thanks Christine!

2 thoughts on “365 Day 26

  1. Lucy

    Your ideas and instructions are amazing, thank you for sharing! Can’t wait to make the doll’s tent.

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