When I ask my kids to look at the camera and smile…


Maybe by the time I learn to use my big camera they will learn to look at the camera and smile. For now I will always remember what isn’t in this photo.

Not pictured is a little girl Elise’s age in a black dress that was standing just off to my left.

Not pictured is the book about fish and loaves that Patrick was telling me about.

And finally, not pictured in the above photo is Michael sitting in a church pew.

What I I will remember most of all is that Michael, while only stimming a little bit, sat through an entire church service quietly with only a book to entertain himself. When I interrupted him playing in the church basement after the pot-luck that followed the service and asked him to stand by his siblings for a photo, he said with a sigh, “Ok Mom.” He earned that play time. He deserved to blow off steam after working so hard to sit still in both church and at the pot-luck, and I know I was being selfish asking him to take a photo but I asked and he obliged. He has come so far in such a short amount of time. You would never know he was the boy that bounced off walls and couldn’t sit still for even the shortest amount of time.

So I didn’t get them to all smile at the camera, that is fine. I think I like this better anyway.


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