Kitchen Reno: Nook Plans

I never finished my communications degree. I never really cared that I didn’t get that double major until I dreamed up this nook in my head and then tried to explain it to contractors and cabinet makers. Thank God for Tim and the years he has spent learning to speak and translate Meg’s Big Ideas because without him and the help of Google SketchUp, I don’t think this kitchen would ever get built.

Here are my plans for the Kitchen Nook or Banquette as Tim translated them from fuzzy words, estimated measurements and bad sketches into Sketchup with precise measurements.

So where are we with the renovations? We have hired a contractor and put a large down payment towards the reno. We have met with countless cabinetry people and chose a local guy with a shop in his backyard that does amazing work and is fairly priced (Go Local!). We have bought kitchen appliances and they will be delivered in March. We have begun the long process of cleaning out rooms and making donate, garbage and store-in-garage-until-after-reno piles.

Last night Tim and I sealed off the play room and scraped the popcorn off the ceiling. We opted to DIY wherever we could to save us money so we could pocket the cash for predictable “unforeseen costs” that we have been warned will arise with any renovations of this size. So we scrapped the ceilings to save a few hundred dollars so when plumbers need to move a water line or contractor needs to rewire something, we are prepared. Plus… I love DIYing and seeing Tim in a face mask makes me smile. Follow me on Instagram for live updates on all things reno and kids.



One thought on “Kitchen Reno: Nook Plans

  1. Nama

    I Love it! It looks like a perfect kitchen your family. I’m so jealous of your corner eating area – it reminds me of my Grandma’s. (I’m not envious of you going through the building process though) It will be worth all your work and the mess it will make.

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