Valentines Morning 2014

This morning at 6am Michael walked into our room and said, “I threw up.”

Tim went to take care of Michael’s bedding and I followed Michael into the bathroom and consoled him while he hovered over the toilet. I got Michael changed into fresh clothes while Tim turned on a movie for the kids. Tim hopped into the shower and I sent Michael down stairs to watch the movie. I emailed teachers as Tim dressed and finished getting ready. Tim headed downstairs to make his daily protein shake while I got dressed.

We met in the kitchen. He smiled at me over his peanut butter, chocolate fuel in a cup, kissed me on the forehead and said, “Happy Valentine’s Day” and we exchanged a look and smile that conveyed what we both were thinking- Having kids is the most wonderful and the least sexy thing ever.

I took Patrick to school and dropped off Michael’s Valentines for his friends and took back to the car a promise from his teacher that she would collect his Valentines for him. Michael was relieved and I thanked God again for the blessing of such wonderful teachers for my kids.

Michael stayed in the car while I dropped Elise at her school and explained to her teachers that she is on antibiotics and that she is no longer contagious but if she needs to come home, call me, I can be at the school in 20 minutes to pick her up. She was so excited to be wearing a pink tutu and to hand out Valentines that I doubt I will get a call from the school.

Michael had perked up during drop offs (or at least perked up enough to cheer himself on while playing a game on his tablet) so I headed to Target to pick up a few things, milk, coffee, saltines, a Valentines Day card for my husband etc. I lifted Michael into the cart with a bribe of “we can look at video games quick”, and than my shopping will only take 5 minutes.

My cell rang as I was wheeling our cart into Target, it wasn’t a number I knew (all the kids’ school numbers are programmed into my phone so I know if the call was about one of the kids) so ignored the call and headed toward the video game isle.

Michael looked up at me, smiled, turned white and then threw up all over the Skylander Giants isle.

I consoled him and then started to look around for a red polo wearing person. I turned down the next isle and Michael threw up again. I saw a red polo the next isle over so I headed over to tell the sales person what happened and wheeled Michael out of the store as fast as possible.

When I loaded him into the car I listened to my voice mail to double check that it wasn’t one of the schools and it was a message from a floral company. They tried to deliver flowers but I wasn’t home. Oh how I laughed. Tim being romantic and sending flowers while I dodge blue Gatorade vomit with a Target shopping cart. Life is funny that way.

I called the delivery service back and told them I would be home in 20 minutes. We got home, I set up Michael in front of a movie with a bucket and waited for my flowers.

Is it weird that I can’t wipe a smile off my face? This week all three of my kids have been sick, two vomiting and another on antibiotics for strep throat. Astrid the feral feline attacked the vet while getting vaccinated. Lucy is shedding enough fur to knit a sweater for everyone in our family because we ran out of thyroid meds and she missed 3 days of medication. The house is a construction disaster zone as we try and scrape popcorn off ceilings and pack up and clear out furniture and stuff so the real construction can begin. All this and I can’t stop smiling. All this, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

My wish for all of you on this Valentines Day is that even with a week filled with animal attacks, public and private vomiting, antibiotics and DIY disaster zones, you still feel love and joy. I know I do. I am blessed.


Happy Valentines Day.

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