Saturday is chore day

Today was filled with chores, chores and more chores. The boys have been doing chores for a few years now. They grumble and whine about them on bad days and do them quickly on good days. There isn’t really an in between.

Elise is starting to do chores now too on top of picking up her toys when she is done playing with them (we are still working on this with her and the boys too). On top of cleaning up her toys she has to put her laundry in the hamper, feed Lucy in the morning and put her dishes on the counter when she is done eating. I know. We are regular slave drivers.

We are slowly adding chores to all the kids’ To Do lists. Elise’s new favorite chore is to brush Lucy.



If you are wondering what it is like when Lucy sheds… here is a photo of what Elise and brushed off her after a Furmintor Shampoo and Conditioner bath.


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