Warm and Cozy OR Bright and Light

The basement is practically gutted. There are a few walls that are left standing but there is so much patch work going on that everything will need a new coat of paint. New paint! I LOVE a fresh coat of paint in a room.

When we first moved in I was painting all the time. There is only one room left in the house that is the original color from when we moved in and that is the master bath. Every other room has gone through at least one new paint color. The most painted room award might be a tie between the play room and main floor living room/kitchen. I think the count is now at 3 different paint colors. All my color choices originally were as far from rental apartment white as they could be. We own the home (or at least the bank owns it for now and by the time we are grandparents we will own it) damn-it and we are going to paint the walls whatever color we want!

I have muted the overall palate a bit since the original yellows and a green call “Scotland Isle” but they are still far from apartment white. Now that I am faced with a new and exciting blank slate I am a bit stuck. We have chosen the carpet, it is actually rolled up in the garage wrapped in plastic waiting to be installed, and now it is time to choose paint. The new carpet and I have something in common we could both go either way. So which is best? A warm and cozy basement OR a bright and light basement.

I love the warm and cozy because the basement is where the family comes together. Our seating (which will not be changing because renovations are EXPENSIVE! and our kids have already ruined them and until I can trust them -PATRICK!- to not stab the couch with a seam ripper there will be no new furniture)  is a big L shaped couch and a giant bean bag. Both of those speak to coming together. There are no single chairs to sit on when you watch a movie at our house. At our house you curl up on a couch or snuggle into the bean bag. When you sit in a giant bean bag with someone you have no choice but to cuddle. A giant bean bag brings people together faster than Tim and my mattress does with its sloping middle. All the seating and general movie watching nature of the basement lends itself to warm cozy colors. Warm colors are relaxing and easy.


On the flip side, I thought last winter was the longest ever and then this winter happened. We have had almost 50 days of sub-zero temps. Schools have been shut down 5 days (I think – I have lost count at this point) because of the cold and just today the kids’ school lost power because a snow plow (still trying to deal with all the snow from last weeks blizzard) knocked out a power box or something. The worst part of all the cold temps is that the sun hasn’t been shining. The thought of having a bright and light basement is so appealing to me right now because all I want to do is stand in the sun and feel warm. A bright basement that bounces light around sounds so refreshing when we have had such a long winter of darkness. Plus light and bright is also more cheery and energizing and the basement is more than just a place to watch movies, it is where we will be playing board games and legos.



In the end it feels like I am choosing between a Lodge in the woods or a house on the beach. Warm and cozy? Light and Breezy?

Lodge or Beach house. Either way, I am not sure I can go wrong but if I could find a way to marry the two… that would be basement perfection. Any ideas anyone? Or would you just choose one or the other? Which are you Lodge or Beach house? White and blue? Brown and orange? Spring or Fall?

Here is where we are now and I have a about a week before I need to buy a can of paint. I see many paint chips and a possible flip of a coin in my future…

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