Good Nights

Tim has been gone all week on business. I don’t like to post about that until he gets home because I feel safer that way (not that my dog wouldn’t scare any stranger away that approached the house) and because Tim being gone isn’t that interesting to post about.

What is notable about this time that he has been gone is that he made it a point to video chat with the kids with the magic of Google Hangout and the internets to wish them sweet dreams.

Not a lot of people see this side of Tim (in fact I can probably count on two hands the people who see this side of Tim) and he will not be impressed that I shared this but how can I not… I love this man and this is just one of the many reasons that the kids worship him.

Just like strangers will never believe my dog can be kind, many people can’t believe that Tim has a silly side. Michael, Patrick and Elise know better though because last night a pirate, a snorkelling Cat in the Hat, a king and even a tiara wearing princess sent them to bed with a smile on their face.


I love you Tim. Safe flight home today.


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