Drywall, mudding and a new outlook

Last Monday our contractor tore down the ceilings. On Tuesday the ceilings had drywall again and the mudding started. Thursday marked day three of mudding and sanding.

Check out the mini stilts!

We didn’t see a contractor all weekend but it ended up I spent the weekend with my sister in the hospital (her story to tell not mine but all is well again) and Tim manned this sinking ship alone. He managed to get the dining room ceiling scraped while watching  the kids but that was about it. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful and surprised that Tim got as much done as he did and I am even more grateful that my sister is okay after the scare she gave us, but now we have some serious catching up to do!

Today the drywall mudder-man texturized the ceiling in the family room of the basement knockdown style and it looks awesome even before it is painted!

Kitchen 2014

Tonight Tim and I scrape more popcorn off the ceiling and tomorrow we paint the living area of the basement and the new ceiling.

Don’t tell the kids, but we leave for vacation on the 13th of this month. That means we have 10 days to get ready for the trip and have the house ready for the next wave of renovations. While we are gone the contractors are doing as much kitchen renovation as possible. So the goal is to get the basement done before then so we can move everything from the main floor to the basement.

Every bit of me is nervous about not being around to oversee the kitchen process. I have a very specific vision as to what I want and I really do have an opinion about everything- a very strong opinion. I care where outlets go and I care even more that they get changed to white from their current biscuit color. And outlets are just the tip of the “I have strong opinions about little things” iceberg.

Uffda. It is going to be a tough month but at least while the kitchen reno is happening I can distract myself with the joy of being with my family at the happiest place on earth! Shhh… don’t tell the kids. They know we are going to Florida for Tim’s annual meetings (Hawaii was the first year they tagged along for the meeting and then last year they went with to Arizona) but this year is in Orlando. And that means we get to spend a little time with a famous mouse couple and their pals.

Life is good. I feel blessed that we are in a place in our lives that we can renovate our home even if it took a kitchen flood to kick off the renovations! My sister is okay and that is a huge blessing. Health scares always do a good job of snapping things into perspective. Our life is crazy right now but it is a good crazy and it is a crazy that is moving us toward something awesome. I feel like this renovation is really going to be a turning point. It is strange how some knockdown texture, new cabinets and some non warped flooring can motivate so many other changes. I feel like this renovation is forcing our hand in so many ways. We keep purging the old, out grown, never used things and it is catapulting us towards a new, simpler and less stressful way of living.

I can’t wait to move into this new phase.

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