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There are countless things that I absolutely love about our new kitchen. My favorite part of the kitchen changes daily, sometime hourly. I am stoked about the prospect of having a dishwasher that can actually clean dishes. I can NOT WAIT to fill my deep cabinet drawers with pots and pans and never have to use an under the oven drawer to wrestle and Tetris-fit pots and pans into that tiny, noisy metal drawer again! I am so excited about having coffee on the benches (even if they are not quite as deep as I hoped – standard depth is 15-18 inches and ours are 15. Three inches is a lot of room when it comes to the lounging factor on a bench). I think the China hutch will be beautiful filled with all our glasses and serving bowls. The counter space will inspire flat bread making and lefsa rolling. But right now, this day, this hour… I am most excited about the desk.

That desk will be command central. My mind is spinning and all my search histories are filled with search terms like “wall desk organization”, ” fabric covered cork board diy”, “can you spray paint magnetic sheet metal”, “kitchen command center”, “pottery barn knock off wall organization” and the searches go on an on.

What is the most frustrating thing is that I am 10 minutes from home and I can’t go into my home and get started Gimp-ing (the open source version of Photoshop) up ideas!

For now I am spending my 1.5 hours between dropping off the boys at school and taking Elise to swim lessons pinning on Pinterest and saving to my look book at Houzz any thing that catches my eye. I am also making a list of all the things that I want my command center to do for me and then editing that list to be a little more realistic. Just because I have a command center doesn’t mean I will magically turn into an organized Type A person. I will never have my life completely planned out, because that sounds like the worst form of torture, but I will do my best to use this command center to help streamline and make our lives a little more organized. If in the end Tim has a place to add to the shopping list yet another jar of Skippy Natural PB, and be able to glance at a calendar and know when the kids go to a scheduled activity and not have to read my mind (and get glowered for not remembering) his honey-do list, life will be infinitely better for all of us.

Yes. I firmly believe that this command center will change our lives!


What would you use to fill this wall? Cork board? Chalk board? Wipe board? Magnet board? Combo of them all? Open shelves? Commission another upper cabinet? Hang a calendar, put some pens and post-its in a drawer and call it good?

If the fumes are cleared out of the house we can move back home tomorrow. It will be a while before we can move furniture back onto the main floor but at least we will be home and I can start Gimp-ing up some ideas and see what works and doesn’t work.

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  1. Megan Post author

    @Steve I thought you would come up with the same idea as tim- Giant touch screen TV that has a calendar ap, tells you the local weather and lets you search reddit while you eat breakfast 🙂

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