Disney Photo Favorites – 1

I took a whole lot of photos while we were on vacation. A lot of photos. I am not sure of the exact count of the photos yet because there were so many photos that I managed to break the software I use to dump and organize photos. Okay that may not be 100% accurate but the software did stop working in the process of dumping the first of two memory cards I had filled while we were at Disney World. So I am just going to say that it is more than circumstantial evidence that the software broke while dumping all the Disney photos, I have scientific proof. I took so many bytes of photos I broke software. Boom.

I went through a few hundred of the photos today as a therapeutic distraction of everything that is happening with the renovation. I don’t think I could choose a favorite or even make a top ten favorites (Ooo that would be fun to do!) but these two photos made me smile so much that I couldn’t wait to share them. I wanted you to smile too. I am a good person like that. Unlike my contractor. He is not good.

The story behind the photos goes like this…

Disney has a new app called My Disney Experience. It is a great app that tells you everything from the current wait lines on rides to park info and it also keeps your fast pass and dinner reservation schedules. It is a great app but sometimes it takes a bit of time to load.

I was double checking our itinerary on the Disney app (I will write more about said itinerary soon but just know that major props and shout outs will be said about my BFF Jess who is a travel agent – EASY DAYS GETAWAYS  for the win! – and who booked this dream vacation of ours in a way that made everything fun, easy and as Marry Poppins would say “Absolutely perfect in every way”), and the boys were getting antsy because we were in the happiest place on earth and I was asking them to stand still.  So I told them that they were in charge of our route. The Magic Kingdom is a big place and the map is quite intense. I told them what ride we were near and where we needed to go and they did the rest. They read the legend, found the coordinating numbers on the map and decided our route.



I can not believe how big they are. I think that I am guilty of under estimating their capabilities because at this point I think they are just a few years and a passport away from competing on The Amazing Race!



So, did the photos make you smile? If they didn’t – you suck… just like my contractor.

3 thoughts on “Disney Photo Favorites – 1

  1. Briana @ Alaskan Panda

    Cute pics! I’m excited to see more of them. It’s great that you took so many. I have maybe 10 blurry pics on my cellphone from the entire trip. Major fail!

    It was nice to see you guys at AGM. Hope you had a fun time at Disney!

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