Disney Photo Favorites – 2

Tim is still working on the uploading software bugs. In between his full-time job, reading bedtime stories, helping unpack and organize the house he still manages to spare some of his precious free time helping me get photos from my camera to the blog. He is very generous with his free time but if he doesn’t log some serious gaming or programming of his choice (not work or my upload problems) soon I think he may self implode!

So for now you will be getting one, sometimes two and if you are lucky three photos a day.

Today’s photo is another favorite.

In between Fast Pass rides – a jump to the front of the line that you(or JESS, our awesome travel agent) can book ahead of time – there was usually time to fit in one or two of the less popular rides.

One of the least popular rides with a wait time of only 10 minutes was the carousel. Our kids love carousels. We always ride one when we go to the Mall of America. I personally do not like the carousel other than it makes for good photos. Way to much slow spinning for me.

Elise isn’t looking at the camera in this photo but you can tell that what she is looking at brings her the purest joy. Her face is all lit up and her eyes are sparkling. I tried remember what she saw the moment I took this photo, was it a princess walking by? Did Minnie Mouse make a rare appearance outside of her designated meet and greet areas- if so I  would have jumped off the carousel and dragged Elise with me so I would have an excuse to take a photo with Minnie! But I don’t recall throwing elbows to be first in line for a Minnie hug and there was no princesses around. So what brought on that smile? It surely wasn’t me asking her to smile because that is not the smile I get when I say “SAY CHEESE!”

Seated to Elise’s right on a white horse was her brother Michael. Her horse went down as his horse went up and if this photo doesn’t capture the power of influence and hero worship the boys have over their little sister, I don’t know what else could!


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