Disney Photo Favorites – 4

Hopefully we will have the photo gallery up and going again soon. Hopefully we will have a kitchen and a fully finished basement again soon. We can control one of those three things so I have a feeling you all will be seeing photos long before I get a kitchen to cook in or lights in the basement.

It is Friday. I thought we would kick off the weekend by sharing a few more photos, plus if I write a post then I can avoid going to the gym a bit longer. Does anyone else dread the first work out after a long break?! Tim gets excited to go back to the gym. I think that is crazy. Everything that used to be easy will not be hard again. How is that fun?! I like to avoid the gym as long as possible after missing a couple of weeks and then in the end I end up missing more days at the gym and it makes it even harder to go back. It is a vicious cycle that I have found the only cure is to eat some chocolate.

Today’s photos are from outside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. My boys are not known for their grace. Don’t get me wrong. They are great kids but a bit awkward when it comes to posing for the camera. I have found that specific instructions work best. Maybe it is their ages or maybe they are just horrible posers but when I asked the boys to go up to the sign and stand near the cannon, this is what I got. I should have positioned them exactly how I wanted them but we were on a schedule and Tim likes to keep moving in a crowd and not stop for thousands of photos. We compromised by slowing down for hundreds of photos.

Here is what my boys do when asked to stand near the canon. They smooshed their faces as close to the cannon a possible as if they were taking a cheek to cheek photo with a baby. Michael’s back looks like he needs to visit a chiropractor. And I just love the photo. These are my awkward and wonderful boys.


In this one I love how Michael is peeking over at Patrick to make sure Patrick is following instructions. Michael has taken on the role of rule enforcer and poor Patrick get reprimanded all the time by Michael. We try and tell Michael that he is not the parent but he reminds us that he is the big brother and he is “just trying to set a good example”


In the end, I don’t know why I ask them to look at the camera at all. The best photos are always the ones where the kids forget I am taking photos and they are just playing or focused on what has piqued their interest.

If pirates picked their crews like kids pick dodgeball teams. Patrick would be the last one picked every. single. time.



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