Disney World Day Two: Epcot

Epcot was the park that Jess had told me is her favorite and that Tim would love the most. I trusted her so I talked up Epcot as much as I could, not knowing anything more than where the stage was that I sang at in High School Choir, and that somewhere in Norway Elsa and Anna were greeting people. Have I mentioned that I did no planning for this trip? I was buried in home renovation details and I left it all up to Jess.

We all had a good night sleep the night before, Tim said that he would let me rent a stroller, my backpack was filled with everything we would need and Epcot had spaceship rides. We were all pumped.

Our plans were to make it to our fast pass rides on time and to make it to our lunch reservation on time in Norway so we could meet some Disney Princesses and eat some Norwegian food. As far as plans go, it was flexible to say the least.

The wait time on the classic Space Ship earth was only 10 minutes when we entered the park so we hit that ride first. I didn’t know what to expect, all I knew was that all five of us could ride the ride.

The ride was hit. I don’t know what it is about it. It should be cheesy and bordering on boring but it isn’t. The boys were fascinated. Tim was thrilled and Elise loved the characters with her face on it. The ride ended in outer space and after you exited the ride there were video games to play. Before our vacation was over we rode the ride two more times.

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It happened to be the flower and garden show the week we were there.

The boys did a simulator launch spaceship ride while Elise and I hit the shops for a bit. She chose Minnie Ears as her souvenir (The boys chose something the day before at Animal Kingdom).

We headed over to Norway for lunch at Akershus. The food was the best of all of the food we had over the entire vacation. The salad bar had some awesome food choices including Gjetost! Tim had the traditional meatball and mashed potatoes and loved it, but mentioned more than once that Grandma Moo’s meatballs are better. I had salmon. The kids all had cheese pizza. Yeah… cheese pizza. Whatever. I learned that on vacation fuel is more important than getting all their veggies. A case of the Hangries (Hungry + Angry) is way worse than missing a few vitamins and minerals for a few days.

The princesses came around and greeted all the tables and posed for photos. Elise wouldn’t leave my side but at least she would allow me to stand near the princesses with her. She is a shy kid. She is my only kid that won’t tell their whole life story to a complete stranger. Tim loves it about her.

The food was good, the princesses were beautiful (Patrick had NO problem cozying up to them for photos) but the highlight of lunch as Akershus was that our server’s name was Elise.

Elise was tickled and had no problem standing up on a chair and posing with “The big Elise!”

We spent the afternoon hitting all the rest of the attractions in the areas of Seas with Nemo & Friends and On Land. Soaring is the most terrifying ride I have ever been on. I have learned that I am not good with simulator rides where my feet dangle. Soaring was a favorite of everyone but me. I will never ride that ride again. I get the willies just thinking about it.

It was a long day and it was a fun day, and besides visiting Norway for lunch we didn’t even begin to explore the Around the World part of Epcot. Jess was right, Epcot is awesome. We didn’t backtrack as much at Epcot as we did at Animal Kingdom but there was still a lot of room for improvement. I hunkered down again that night and studied the map for Magic Kingdom and made a detailed schedule with options for the in between Fast Pass times. I think I studied the map of Magic Kingdom longer than I studied my senior year of high school for finals. That sounds like a lot but really it was only about an hour or so…. What can I say. I was a bad student unless I was inspired and Magic Kingdom inspired me!

More photos here. Spoiler – we go back to Epcot on day four and hit Spaceship Earth again and walk around the world.




2 thoughts on “Disney World Day Two: Epcot

  1. Jess

    LOL. I can’t believe you thought Expedition Everest was a cakewalk and that Soarin was scary!

  2. Megan Post author

    You just wait until Cooper is barely strapped in with his legs dangling 30 feet off the ground. If there would have been chest harness I would have been ok…. It wasn’t just being scared the currious and impulsive Patrick would lean over his belt and plummet to his death, it was truly scary. I thought I was going to crash into the mountains!

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