Put a Crown on it!

Elise’s solution to any outfit needing a little accessioning also applies to kitchen cabinets. Put a crown on it.

Unfortunately, I didn’t realize until the contractor was all done that the crown moulding was put on upside down.


I talked to our cabinet maker and he said that if we pulled off the crown it would most likely ruin the cabinets in the process. Both cabinet maker and I are pissed. He is mad that his cabinets were not only installed badly but that the install reflects poorly on him. I am mad because yet again, our contractor screwed up and there is no fix for it.

Both cabinet maker and Tim reassured me that the cabinets and crown still look good and that only we would know that it is upside down. Well… now I have told you all too. What do you think? Just leave it or risk ruining the cabinets?


3 thoughts on “Put a Crown on it!

  1. Nama

    It does look good but I think your contractor needs to reduce his bid! You guys have gone through alot with him.

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