Mother’s Day 2014

Last night I played Qwirkle with my whole family. Patrick kicked everyone’s butt and won by 30 points fair and square with no help from anyone.


This morning I was served breakfast in bed and was given hand made cards and a card picked by Elise with a puppy on the front.


Tim promised me a day of him covering all the meals and me getting to do whatever I want.

My plans are to change the bandage of the wound I got while destroying (like a beast) the two shrubs in the front yard yesterday. Then I will spend the day digging up the roots of those shrubs and planting new shrubs, strawberries and flowers. I may even drag everyone to a garden center!


It is Mothers Day 2014 and today marks the day that I have officially turned into my own Mother who is most likely spending her mother’s day digging in the dirt as well. I love you Mom.

Tonight after a long shower and scrubbing all the dirt off of me I plan on challenging Patrick and the rest of my family to a rematch of Qwirkle.

Life is good and I am so blessed.

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