Paper Cut

Patrick is a tough kid. A really tough kid. He has had the wind knocked out of him more times than I can count. He has run into pillars, had bruises that turn back and blue before he even registered that he was hurt, and has bumped his head more times than a linebacker.

The kid shakes off having his toe run over by a bike, jamming his finger in the car door and falling on his bum countless times.

He is a tough kid and can take a lot of pain unless there is a break in his skin. If there is a cut, a scratch or even a hint of blood shit gets real, really quick.

Bump and bruises, knocks on the head or twists of the ankle and Patrick just needs a hug. He doesn’t even want an ice pack for goose eggs on his head. But if there is a break in the skin it require full triage support.

Last night Patrick got a paper cut.

He got a paper cut because he was coloring and writing words on paper. He wrote, “TO DAD I LOVE YOU!” on his drawing and when he tore it out of the note-book he got a cut. Now I am not one to indulge the exaggerated seriousness of paper cut but this kid can take a beating and he so rarely asks for a medical attention that I could not resist pulling out the entire first aid kit and playing nurse to his devastating and life-threatening wound.

The other reason I matched his level of intensity for his pain was that he was coloring. A year ago I couldn’t get him to pick up a crayon to write “PJ” with out bribing, threatening and begging the kid. Now he is asking for paper and crayons and will spend half an hour drawing detailed pictures and then ask me how to spell words so he can label the characters and objects in his drawings. The cherry on top? He signs his art with “Patrick” instead of the much shorter “PJ”.

So yes, I neosporined, bandaged and kissed his finger where he got a paper cut. He ate up the attention and the entire time I was attending to his minimal medical needs he told me about his drawing.

I love this kid. I love that he is experimenting with typography! I thought he was scribbling when I asked him to sign his name. Ends up he was just “making my P like Harry Potter writes his Ps!” I can not wait to see him grow as an artist. His creativity knows no bounds.


more pics here.

side note. We have started reading Harry Potter as a family every night. The kids love it. Tim and I love it. More on that another time.

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