My Little Blue Love

Last summer I bought myself this camera with some birthday money from my Grandpa. So I guess my Grandpa bought me the little blue camera. I have wrote about it before here and here and here but I just can’t help but write about it again.

I love my Little Blue. I snapped a few photos of the kids playing in the kitchen sink the day the kitchen sink was installed with Little Blue and I hadn’t gotten around to dumping those photos until yesterday. When I dumped the photos I found more than just the sink photos. I found Disney photos that I had forgotten all about. Things have been a bit crazy around here and I just forgot.

So today I have some more Disney Photos for you. All taken with Little Blue. Most were taken by me. Some were taken by Tim, there are even a few taken by Mr. Patrick and there is one fun one taken by a complete stranger who snapped a photo of the entire family after we got off the river rapids ride. That is what I love about this camera. It it tough and I can hand it over to whom ever and know that it will take a great snap shot and it will survive a fall to the ground and a splash in the water. (See what I mean about having a stranger take a photo with your point and click camera instead of shelling out big money for Memory Maker?)

Little Blue is the camera I kept on the side mesh pocket of the backpack. It was the quick grab camera and also the camera that would fit into Tim or my pockets when we were on a ride. I never got one impatient mean look from anyone except for Tim when I took the extra moment to snap a photo of the kids in the ride before the ride started. I think people just understand that at Disney, you can take an extra 10 seconds after waiting in lines for an hour to snap a photo of your kids in a tea cup.

or on a magic carpet.

OR getting ready to explore the seas on a pirate adventure!

And because it is so small and just a point and click I was able to snap a few photos mid ride. Here we are on the minecart / train roller-coaster of Big Mountain.

I love this one of Michael and Tim!

Because it is waterproof it went on the river rapid ride with us and I was able to take video.

Tim would want me to note that Elise and I didn’t get wet at all on the ride.

And of course there were about 50 photos of Patrick underwater.

and Patrick about to be underwater.

And a cute one of Elise dunking Tim. Proof that she can do anything and get away with it!

There are more photos here. Even a few from the AGM.

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