Our weekend.

Yesterday we woke up to pools of vomit on Patrick’s bed, on the boys’ bedroom floor and in the kids’ bathroom.

This morning was much the same. Pools of vomit made by Patrick.

“Praising God for sunny 70 degree weather that makes hosing down, airing out and drying of vomited on rugs and mattresses easier. #parenting #reallife”

Mid morning Michael said he didn’t feel well so he laid on the couch and was content with trying out Tim’s old school game boy but even that didn’t perk him up much.

“The flu is passing through the kids so Tim and I are taking advantage of their rare sedentary and sedated attitudes and getting stuff done. Tim was excited to share his find with Michael. Cleaning out the laundry has its perks! #gameboy #vintagegeek”

Elise was fine. This is what she was up to.

This afternoon Michael started throwing up into a bucket. We emptied that bucket half a dozen times.

And then by supper Elise was sedentary on the couch nibbling on BRAT food.

“All three kids have stomach bug. Much vomiting is happening at our house.

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