End of the year.

This morning the kids and I started a summer bucket list.

Elise has her last day of preschool tomorrow. She still has one more year of preschool so I don’t need to have a complete “my babies are all grown up” break down yet but I am sure there will still be a few tears knowing she will be moving out of the little kid room into the big kid/pre-k room.

Patrick is on his end of the year field trip today.

Michael is taking his last spelling test of the year today.

The school year is wrapping up and even though I will probably be counting the days for school to start up again come August, I can’t wait for school to be out. I am ready for summer. I can’t wait for lazy mornings and for our day’s biggest worries to be choosing to swim at the lake or in our little pool out back.

Elise, Lucy, Leda the leopard and I all went on a walk this morning and it felt so good to soak up the vitamin D and out the house after everyone being so sick.

14 - 1

The sun is shining, the flu bug that hit us all so bad for the last 5 days is gone and life is good.

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