America’s Pastime

#Updated with more photos

Michael has fallen in love with baseball.  At tonight’s game he got two hits. One was a foul ball and the other he was thrown out at first. It didn’t matter because after his bat made contact with the ball you couldn’t wipe the smile off his face.


He played pitcher one inning ( he is in coach pitch league so the kids don’t actually pitch) and he fielded and then threw 4 great, controlled and accurate throws to first.


Best of all he is one of the team. He is making friends and having fun. I am so proud of him.

Patrick had t-ball tonight and it was his turn to bring snack so he came home all smiles and had an awesome night too.


a few more photos here

One thought on “America’s Pastime

  1. Nama

    Great Job Michael – we are sooo proud of you. Cant wait to throw ball with you at the cabin!

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