Mommy and Elise Beach Date

We are still not completely unpacked and settled back into our home after the renovation. So much has changed in the house that we have had to get rid of a lot of stuff and find new places for all that is left. Every photo that was on a photo ledge or hung on a wall had been taken down and now has to be put back up. We have taken this opportunity to purge more of the kids’ toys that they have grown out of and on top of all that, life is still going on. Baseball and t-ball games are still happening. School work needs to be done. Clothes need to be washed. Lawn needs to be mowed. Basically we are still treading water. I think we will be treading water for the next 15 years.

This is Elise’s first week since school got out and every day has been filled with errands and chores. This morning we took a break from all of that and hit the beach because the beach with one kid is a lot of fun.

Because school isn’t out for another two weeks the swimming hole was basically empty. There was no more than 20 people there when we arrived and usually on a day as sunny and warm as today you can expect a couple hundred people.

We even got to set up under one of the coveted umbrellas! That has never happened before today.

Even though there were probably only 10 kids splashing in the water, Elise still managed to make some friends. My shy girl has grown so much this year.

There was a lot of running from the umbrella into the water.

Elise is wearing a Champion C9 rash-gaurd that I picked up last year from the big girl section. You know that she is a girl with two big brothers when you ask her what her swim shirt is. Without hesitation she will tell you that “It is a girl Spider Man shirt!”

We played until it was lunch time, and when it was time to go she gathered up her things and left nicely. I need to spend more one-on-one play time with Elise. We need more Mommy and Elise play dates because I all too often get frustrated and fed up with her for slowing me down or getting in the way of me getting stuff done. There is a constant power struggle between us. She wants attention, I want to get stuff done.

Sometimes it is good to just leave the mess and to-do-list at home and build a sand castle.

A few more photos here. All photos pictured were taken with my My Little Blue. 

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