Just Add Water

If you didn’t catch the sarcasm in last night’s sneak peek post let me set the record straight; our kids love water. Just add water, and everything gets infinitely better. If the kids could declare national holidays they would make the day the pool gets set up their first official holiday.

Even with just one inch of water, the kids had a blast. Nothing is fun about push ups, unless you add water.

Patrick had the pushup + water = fun revelation when there was just an inch or two of water and our 15ft round pool quickly became a crossfit gym. Patrick led both Elise and Michael in a jumping jack, run in place, random yoga poses and push up circuit.

Of course this didn’t last too long and soon Elise started dancing freestyle.

Even these two who have had more fights in the last 3 days than pro wrestlers were able to put aside their brotherly squables for some good ol’ brotherly love.


The water was cold so when their little legs couldn’t take the cold any more they took turns sitting on the ladder.

Tim did all the work and I just took photos. I love this man.

Starred Photos22

Even Lucy enjoyed the pool set up day and having the whole family in the back yard. She isn’t allowed in the pool so she kept cool by camping out under the deck in the cool sand.

It took about 8 hours of the hose running full blast to fill the pool and throughout that time the kids were probably in the pool for 4 of those hours. Four hours of freezing cold hose water and the kids were like popsicles. They wanted so bad to jump in the pool after supper when it was all full, but after putting one toe in the boys quickly robed up and went inside and started plotting out their swimming plans for the next day.


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One thought on “Just Add Water

  1. Tim

    Aren’t those robes the coolest.

    Meg made them for the kids for christmas. They are awesome for the pool!

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