SAHM Summer School

It is only the first week of summer and already we have had some serious highs and lows.

Transitioning into summer after the rigid and predictable school day schedule has been a challenge for all the kids, Michael especially.

Michael likes to know what is coming next. Michael likes to know what tomorrow will bring. Michael does best when there is a consistent and predictable schedules. Summer is not like that, or at least this first week of summer has not been like that.

After spending the week fighting against this need for schedule I have decided to go against my dreams of a laissez-faire summer and make a schedule and stick to it. I am not big on schedules but to inspire me to sit down and try to figure everything out I spent some time making an image in Gimp. Nothing like a little graphic design to kick me into an organizational frenzy. Thus, SAHM Summer School was born. I am hoping it will play well with a week of SAHM Camp later this summer.


So far SAHM Summer School consists of 20 minutes of reading time.

Then I read from the book of the week (I am thinking some books will take more than a week) and after that the kids have to draw a picture of what I read about and then the boys write a few sentences about what they drew and I write down what Elise wants me to write and then she traces over the letter I write.

I found a display of great picture books at Barnes and Noble when we visited the store for the boys’ last day of school book buying tradition.  This is the first book we are reading. At $6 a book I think I will stick with this series of illustrated classics. The pictures are great and the story is written to their level of listening.

Wizard of Oz

In total all of that “school” usually takes just over an hour. It isn’t much but at least, as of now, I have one predictable and scheduled part of our summer days.

The plan is to do a few crafts and find a recipe for a treat that will tie into the book to make when we finish the book. We will eat the treats while watching the movie. The kids are looking forward to the movie night and I can’t wait to staple together the little books they made and show them that with a little bit a work they can make something wonderful.

Look at that super sweet drawing. He is now drawing all his art in black marker to “outline” everything and then he goes back and colors everything in. He has come so far and I could not be prouder of him. Three cheers for fantastic Kindergarten Teachers!

More photos here. 




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