The Boys’ Last Day of School

Keeping with tradition we hit up the bookstore, went out to eat and had icecream for dessert.

Patrick was in search of his present favorite early readers, Fly Guy.

He was also super excited about this human body book because the last two weeks of school his class lessons focussed on the body.

Michael wanted a wordy and intense chapter book on Skylanders and I challenged him that if he could read some of it then we would buy it for him. I never thought he would be able to do it… Three paragraphs into reading I told him to put the book in the basket. He read every word. I even called Tim over from where Elise was schooling him on the different ponies in My Little Pony and Tim beamed from ear to ear while he listened to Michael read about the different elements in Skylanders. We are so proud of our little readers.


He also needed an easy reader book about tornadoes.

We bought a few more books than we intended but when it comes to saying no to books, both Tim and I are pretty weak. A new plastic toy from the Target Toy isle? No. A new book? Yeah, we probably going to say yes to that.

More photos in the gallery.

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